Our services

Rigour and Safety are the magic words at Digibennes.

We make every effort
to ensure that 
the administrative organisation of your wide loads,
as well as
our tracking, meet your needs.
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Agent for exceptional transport authorisation


Purchasing advice


Information on wide loads
We take care of everything!
  • File application
  • Third party consultation
  • Relaunch of DDT, DDTMS, DREAL or third party documents
  • Definition of vehicle characteristics,

No advice on the brand, but advice on the definition, axle capacity, distance between axles, the best adapted configuration, mapping of support configuration.

Information course/Training
 Intervention & Awareness
Digibennes-Outil-Web Web tools
  • Information on traffic regulations, wide load restrictions


Digibennes has created and makes available to you a web tool allowing you to manage your exceptional transports and to view your routes as well as occurrences on the road.