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The DIGIBENNES company was created in 2006, at first with the objective of marketing bodies for Tippers trucks or Semi-trailers, from there comes the name of the company.
The market very linked to the world of construction has survived its economic crisis and the DIGIBENNES company has developed little by little in the sector of administrative approaches and in particular those for the acquisition of exceptional transports authorisations.

Today it is 100% of its trade, if we consider that information, purchasing advice, and finally all vehicles must circulate under the authority of an exceptional transport statement.

The initiatives taken cover the following countries: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany.

We are under the Wide load system once we do not respect traffic regulations.

Therefore the transport is named wide (exceptional in French) once we:

·       Do not respect the length or the width of traffic regulations,

·       Do not respect the GCW of traffic regulations,

·       The GVW of the vehicle in accordance with traffic regulations,

·       The axle load defined by traffic regulations.